Deals made easy with Seeyou
Growing your business requires hard work - attracting new costumers and keeping them happy. Seeyou provides your business with the tools to create deals and loyalty cards in minutes. Track your deals and reward your customers the easy way.
Create Deals in Minutes
Creating deals with Seeyou is so easy you won't Believe it!
  • Create instant deals to promote your business or Loyalty deals to keep customers coming back.
  • Seeyou provides structures to help you create the best deals for your customers in minutes.
  • Seeyou will help you to customize your deals and take care of all the details.
  • Publish and share your deals and start bringing loyal customers to your shop.
One Screen Operation
One-screen-solution to 'punch' deals.
Time and efficiency are key when running a business.

Seeyou provides a one screen operation. This means you or your employees can handle customers from one single screen. It's as easy at it sounds!

Customers will provide their phone number to accumulate points or the equivalent of punching their cards. Seeyou will let you know when a customer earns a reward.
Create and Manage your team
Sub-users with restriction capabilities for your employees.
Seeyou allows you to create users and passwords for your employees and other team members.

Assign permissions and restrictions to each user to stay in control of your business.

You have the ability to temporarily enable or disable users.
Keep track of your customers and Deals
Analytical data to better target your customer base.
Tracking physical punchcards can be a difficult and tedious task.Seeyou provides a complete dashboard that lets you monitor your business' deals, and measure performance.

Take advantage of the easy-to-use tools Seeyou provides for analyzing data, helping you make the right desicions to grow your business.

Send reminders to your customers, so they can come back and earn rewards.
See what others business are doing!
See what the market is doing. Learn from others.
  • We know you are not alone in the Market, this is why Seeyou allows you to check what other business in your industry are doing.
  • Browse for shops and their deals.
  • Filter by business type and location.