Frequently Asked Questions
Hopefully this will answer most of your questions (if not all).
What is the Alias Number?
At Seeyou, we respect your desire for privacy so if you do not wish to use your phone number at the shops we create an Alias for you that will work the same. Just provide your Alias number to the shop at the time of collecting your loyalty rewards or to redeem a coupon and enjoy all Seeyou benefits! Find your Alias in the My Profile section.
Why does Seeyou ask for my Location?
We use your Zip Code to identify your location and show you the distance to local shops. This function also enables you to sort Shops by location in the Shops section so you always have easy access to the shops around you.
How do I keep count of my deals?
Seeyou is full of deals, but we always keep a personalized count of your deals. You can track the total Active and Completed Deals and in the My Profile section; you can also track by shop in the My Deals section.
How do I keep track of my deals?
Just click on your selected deal and view your deal progress! Every time you visit a shop make sure to give them your phone number or Alias so you can maintain your deals updated!
How do I change my password?
In the My Profile Section, click Edit in the top right corner, Tap your password and change it.
How do I change my personal information?
All your details can be updated in the My Profile Section by clicking Edit in the top right corner.
How do I enable/disable my Facebook and Twitter Accounts?
In the My Profile Section, turn on/off he Facebook and Twitter switches.
How do I turn on/off shop notifications?
For each shop, you can decide to receive instant alerts of new deals and relevant information. Just turn on the notification switch for each shop in My Deals.
How do I redeem a coupon/Loyalty card?
Visit the Seeyou shop offering the coupon/loyalty card, show your phone to the cashier or simply mention the Seeyou offer you want to redeem. Then provide them with your phone number and enjoy your rewards!
How do I collect my rewards?
When visiting one of our Seeyou affiliated shops just ask for Seeyou deals and give your phone number to the cashier. The cashier will introduce your purchase details and you will receive the deal updates on your App!
How do I affiliate to a Store?
There are 2 ways for affiliation: 1) Imaging your affiliation as collecting one of those old paper cards in a shop, so in order to affiliate to a shop just browse for that shop in the Shops section, click the plus icon and add your favorite deal of that shop to your deals. From now on this Shops is part of your personalized affiliated shops list!. The option number 2) is just visit your favorite shop and apply for a loyalty rewards or redeem a coupon. Once you have done this once, this this Shops is part of your personalized affiliated shops list!
If I have a shop and want to be part of Seeyou, what do I have to do?
We love to hear this, Please visit us at for Shop Sign up!